French singer and songwriter Sabrina Cheref (formerly known as Sans Elle) has been a recognised vocalist.

Winner of Jazz en Baie, semi-finalist of Montreux Vocal Competition and other French national jazz contests in 2015, she made quite a name for herself on the jazz and soul scene with the release of her debut album 'Beyond' in late 2014. 


Sabrina grew up in a family fond of music, and was first introduced to classical piano - which she started studying at 6 - and to jazz by her dad. After graduating in management and working 2 years in a big French company, she decided to study jazz at IMEP, Paris and launch Jazz'N Soul projects on stage. SNCF and Havas then signed her for a compilation of 100 000 copies. In 2014, she creates her own label (SAY YAY!) and produces her debut album, Beyond.

Co-arranged with Sergio Gruz, and recorded  with 12 musicians from the whole globe, 'Beyond' is a collection of original songs offering a journey through Afro American music but also Latin and Indian rhythms. 


With a continuous love for intercultural exchanges and collaborations, Sabrina has now come up with a second release: "Tears & Laughter". Recorded in London with English musician and producer Anthony Strong, Tears & Laughter is a classy five track EP that unveals Sabrina's grace, tenderness and sincerity more than ever.

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Deli Express @TSF Jazz radio - Jan.10, 2020

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'A voice that reminds the warm shades & subtle sparkles of beautiful fabrics'

Félix Marciano (Jazz Mag, Jazzman) 

'A rising voice in French Jazz' 

N.Vidal, Putsch Jazz Club


'Sans Elle, la nouvelle étoile montante du jazz vocal'


 'Great warm sounding jazz musicians supporting adventurous soul sound'  

All about Jazz

'Superb album. What a groove!'

J-M Gélin (Les dernières nouvelles du jazz) 



Wes Berwise Soul Show (London)

'Sans Elle is the French Jazz revelation of the year.' 



'Her first album is a beautiful discovery between jazz & contemporary soul.

Unlike many of her pairs, she chooses the path of an entirely original repertoire in English & French which she embodies with a voice that at times resembles Niki Yanofski's. 

Definitely an artist to keep an eye on.' 

Frédéric Adrian, Soul Bag n° 217


'Classy with a capital C, the best vocal jazz & soul album of 2014' 

George Bonazzelli, Polynésie Première.  


"Ce qu’il faut de références prises à la fois dans les musiques du monde (...) et la grande variété française", « Tout et son contraire » (...) pourrait permettre d’ouvrir une nouvelle voie dans la chanson française et faire un tube si les programmateur(e)s savent entendre." Le Souffle Bleu

'A delightful show. Sans Elle unselfconsciously unfolds lovely melodies, chosen words 

La Voix du Luxembourg

SoulTracks First Listen 

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'An artist to be discovered asap. Her album is our team's crush'

Radio Geyster

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